Biding Time!

Surgery was performed May 22nd; 10 days in the hospital. Quadruple by-pass and an ascending aorta repair. Had a few rough days. Seven weeks now after the procedure; recovery is going well, started driving a week ago. Prior to surgery was preparing to have two kidney stones removed. Two weeks ago one started its trip to daylight. A small one but hurt like hell couple of times; not quite out yet. Soon, hopefully!

So what do you do when you can’t lift a finger. . . read, walk, Roku, exercise bike; repeat often, Weather has been decent, able to be outside quite a bit. Have always wanted to take a summer off; just not like this though.

We’d be remiss to not acknowledge the many, many “likes”, comments, cards from the letterpress community. Your good wishes have been “heart” warming, most appreciated! So wonderful to hear from so many “letterpressers” that we’ve met, served and come to know the past four decades!