July's over. . .


. . . and the hot, humid stretch that’s a hallmark of a New England summer has broken.

Went to the store today; walked (slowly) up the four flights, unlocked the door and whoa, the heat was stifling. The windows were opened and will remain so until there’s rain in the forecast.

In a few days the floor temperature should be back down in the 70’s. The high/low thermometer, reset May 20th, recorded a high of a 100, low of 83!


During the shutdown, the City of Chicopee came in and rebuilt the road: new culverts; drains; paving and a sidewalk with a good ramp. Moving stuff in and out will be much smoother now.

Improvements a long time needed.

The heart recovery continues very well; scheduled next week to have the kidney stone removed. Recovery just a few days. Lifting, pushing stuff around will still be restricted.

Already working to revamp the web site. Hope to have it back up and functioning at least on a limited basis end of August. Two months down, about another month to go. JB