our surgery is scheduled for May 15th!

We’ve been a bit vague about what “our” pending surgery is all about. Family and friends have urged me to finally detail what’s going on. Simply stated, we’re undergoing an open heart procedure for a number of “restrictions” and an aneurysm. Previously planned for March 27th, it was postponed the evening before. An infection was detected, traced to a tooth; as a result 8 teeth ended up being removed. And, an unfortunate aftermath of the extractions was a perforated sinus. All is well at the moment; we’ve healed to where the cardiac team is comfortable going ahead with the procedure on the 15th. We’ve begun the count down and preparation for the second time. I am truly ready!!

This med procedure will have an impact on sales and operations of Letterpress Things for a few months. Word is no driving for 5/6 weeks. No walking up the 4 flights of stairs, opening/closing the elevator doors, and lifting no more than 10 pounds until at least 9/10 weeks out. Follows anticipated times/details through the recovery period:

Open Date — Saturday, May 11th - Last scheduled Open Date until the middle the of August. By early August we hope to have a schedule posted for new Saturday Open Dates for later in August and beyond.

Web Site/Internet orders for supplies, etc. — we anticipate starting to fill orders again by the first of August. July the store is insufferably hot so little labor will be done until first of August. But the upside of so much down time will be organizing and updating the web site’s pages.

Saturday, May 11th — the past few weeks have seen a lot of processing of type, plates, cabinets, presses and machines, supplies and kits/packages. There’s a lot of “first seen” items out on the floor; have just needed to get stuff out from the back room, the 3rd floor and the dark corners. On the OPEN DATES PAGE various items available the 11th will be listed. Time won’t permit us to post many photos. But there are photos of items in the list that have code numbers; happy to upload them if interested. Do bear in mind, Saturday, May 11th is the last Open Date for several months. All sales will need to be taken that day.