Vacations and Visitors

Well, vacation and the typical hot, humid days of July are behind us. The Barrett's took in the 4th of July festivities at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA.


 It was a day of "hands on" on a variety of their presses with lots of visitors. The day topped off with plenty of hot dogs, lemonade and apple pie.


    The store reopened on Saturday, July 25th.  Despite being on the warm side, a steady flow of visitors continued all day. More than half were either en-route to or returning from vacation and had set their GPS for Chicopee. Letterpressers came from Michigan, Washington State, Central New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The furthest was a fellow from Prince Edward Island!

    As in past years, we try to accommodate travelers during the week. This year is no different with one or two people a week wondering if it's possible to stop for an just hour or two on a week day. Just a couple of days ago Brothers of St. Alben drove directly from Berkeley, CA to the store to visit and purchase supplies and type.


    To anyone traveling through Western Mass. this weekend (the 15th and 16th) we hope you'll plan to stop in. Big benefit is Massachusetts' annual "No Sales Tax" weekend. It's a chance to pickup some extra goodies without paying a sales tax. Stay safe out there. . .