It's been hot on the 4th floor at the store, challenging to spend much time processing up there. And there is new inventory to process; an entire truckload, two small basement shops retrieved on one of the hottest days of August.

Stay tuned for the "back" story and photos of what it takes to get the "stuff"




A number 'pressers took advantage of The Mass. State Tax Free Weekend, especially Sunday when the weather was a bit nicer.

Note the puddles from several downpours on Saturday.




Again, vacationers were welcomed to the store. Reggie, from Minnesota and staying with friends in Connecticut, came by to poke around and enjoy finding all sorts of supplies and treasures for his growing shop.




The visit almost ended in disaster when his friends car just wouldn't start. That is, not until after AAA was called, a tow truck dispatched, then it mysteriously fired right up. 

But all's well that ends well!