Type from Letterpress Things

Select fonts taken from our extensive in-store inventory, boxed for display and secure shipping.

Previously used (unless noted as new), the quality and character counts are as shown.

All prices include associated shipping costs unless otherwise noted.

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LT-267 30pt. Broadway Engraved - $98


LT-261 36pt. Bernhard Gothic Heavy - $56

LT-262 24pt. Swing Bold - $68


LT-263 18pt. Westminster Text - $52

LT-264 18pt. Kelsey Script - $48


LT-265 24pt. Diner Regular w/ Alternates - $96

LT-266 6 to 82pt. Assorted Arrows - $68


LT-268 10/12pt. Floral Ornaments - $48

LT-269 12pt. Ornament Border Set - $48


LT-250 12pt. Ornament Set - $40

LT-250 B.JPG

LT-251 12pt. Ornament Set - $40


LT-252 14pt. Ornament Set - $40

LT-253 Assorted Ornament Set - $40  Sold!


LT-254 10/12pt. Goudy Paragraph Terminals - $44

LT-255 12pt. Ornament Set - $60


LT-256 12pt. Ornament Set - $65

LT-257 14pt. Assorted Ornaments - $65

LT-257 B.JPG

LT-260 Assorted Vocational Cameos - $45  Sold!

LT-237  Collection of Pointing Hands - $68


LT-214  Assortment of Metal Type - $68

LT-214 A.JPG

LT-247  6pt. Greeco Border - $38 Sold!


LT-218  36pt. Franklin Gothic No. 2; M&L Chicago - $82

LT-206  18pt. Cloister Black - $62 Sold!


LT-208  48pt. Elite Monogram Initials - $106


Products from the Swamp Press Catalog

Type, monograms, and borders cast at Ed Rayher's foundry in Northfield, MA.

All prices include associated shipping costs unless otherwise noted.


ER-129  36pt. Goudy Light #38 Caps. - $47

Goudy Light #38.jpg

ER-133  12pt. Typewriter Reproducing 72 L - $47

ER-133 C.JPG

ER-129  12pt. Twentieth Century 603 J - $72

ER-129 A.JPG

ER-135  48pt. Brush No. 302 - $150

ER-135 C.JPG

ER-137  Assorted Stars and Comets!! - $16

ER-139  Assorted Animal Icons - $42


ER-123  10pt. Caslon Old Style Italic #337 - $42

ER-126  24pt. Kennerley Old Style #268 - $72


ER-127  24pt. Greco Bold #326 with Alternate Characters - $77


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