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Like to get your letterpresser something for the "shop" but no clue what's needed or desired? A Letterpress Things Gift Certificate is the perfect, quick and easy, solution. 

Available in any amount; can be used for supplies, type, equipment, etc. in the store or for email orders.

Send an email with the amount desired, who it's to and from: your mailing address and Paypal address. Or send a check to Letterpress Things with the appropriate information. Mailed First Class, postage paid.


.918 Decal: The iconic symbol that makes the world ask:

"What does it mean?"

$2.50 each or 3 for $6.00

Polishing/Cleaning Block: Ideal for type and icons, brass, copper and metal plates. Removes ink and grime, restores surfaces to pristine printing condition.

$9.00 each



Henry Compressible Gauges: for use with Boxcar Base and photo polymer plates. When struck on impression no damage to the base. Also ideal on table top proof presses as register guides.

Package of 12 - $10.00

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Kort Quad Adjustable Guides: the standard for positionable register guides when hand feeding tabletop or floor model presses.  Quickly adjustable, secure locking for no loss of registration.

Package of 3 - $28.00

Roller Gauge.jpg

"Lollypop" Roller Gauge: .918 for checking/adjusting roller heights.

$28.00 each

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Wash-up Brush: for removing ink/sludge from low areas of plates and type. Made from horsehair.

$7.00 each



$10.00 each

Magnets: to secure forms, chases, plates on press beds and galleys.

Set of 3 - $15.00.  Each additional unit, $4.50 each

To order, send an email to detailing the item(s) desired, mailing/shipping address, and Paypal address. 

We will confirm your order, including mailing/shipping charges and your order will be shipped upon payment.

Thank you.