M - 162.jpg

M-162 -- Craftsman 6 1/2 x 10  Sold!

In on consignment from Dick Goodwin (Dick has closed his shop and is moving to WV.) This unit was rescued by Dick from several years sitting outside under a tarp. It's been somewhat cleaned, but still has some light rust to deal with. All the accessories come with the press. The rollers are decent and very usable, and the platen has been adjusted and the press inked up. This unit is a real diamond in the rough and is a good dependable press, despite it's less than pristine appearance. Sold as is.

M - 163.jpg

M-163 -- Craftsman 8 x 12

A unit seldom seen out in the market, also in on consignment. It's complete with decent rollers and does include the delivery table (not pictured here.) The press could use a light cleaning, but is in good overall condition.

This is a BIG press; 8" x 12" chase! Available as is.

M - 156.jpg

M-156 -- Kelsey 5 x 8

Newer unit; a Mercury Model U - #B 74 J. Made in November 1974.Complete, ready-to-print with new rollers!

M - 157.jpg

M-157 -- Kelsey 5 x 8  Sold!

Earlier Model; The Excelsior!

Complete with new rollers and ready-to-print.


M-158 -- Kelsey 5 x 8

Newer unit: Mercury Model U - #B 70 A. Made in January 1970.

Complete and ready-to-print with new rollers.


M-160 -- Paper Cutter

Floor model with hand lever and 26" opening. Comes with two blades and is sold as is.


M-159 -- Challenge Round Corner Machine Model SCM

This is a commercial unit in on consignment from a recently closed bindery where a variety of cabinets and tables were brought in. Operates on 110V and includes four different die radiuses. Email us for more detail on the unit.


M-125 -- Bookpress with 9 x 10 3/4 x 3 Platen

M-124 -- Book-press with 9 1/2 x 13 x 2 Platen   Sold!