After the Swoop


You came, you saw, you swooped up a lot of great type, ornaments, wood type and more. Fifty plus people over two days; beyond our expectations! It's meant some serious time/work to get it all organized again as there are still 300+ type fonts left. True, the real rare ones are gone, but if you're just starting to build your type inventory, there's still a good selection of the more "common" working fonts. There's even a few sets of wood type left! 

Some of the items originally only available at the swoop will now be available online and will be posted on the website later this week.


Preparations Underway


A couple weeks ago the real task of situating 20 plus cabinets on the floor began. Simple to arrange paper rectangles on grid paper. With the need to consider floor loading and allowing for plenty of room to pull and set case selections aside, it took a bit of pushing, pulling, coaxing to get them all arranged. Several tables are being heaped with all sorts of letterpress paraphernalia, while ornaments and print plates are being displayed on a slanted working top. And wood type fonts are being transferred into the Barrett's nationally recognized pizza boxes. It's just a week away, and there's lots more to get done, but come 9:00 a.m. Saturday the 21st, we'll be ready.


Update on San Jose Printers' Fair 2016


After two eye operations the past month the question was whether it'd be possible to make the trip. Initially the odds didn't favor it. But the surgeon, expressing very distinct precautions, has given the green light!


Unable to do much physical work until shortly before the trip, Sarah has stepped up, pulled together and packed a complement of type and supplies.


It won't be the four tables we normally set up, but all the basic supplies will be on hand.


So please, support the Printers Guild by setting the GPS for History Park on the 9th!

And for sure, stop by to say hello to JoAnn and myself; I'll be wearing the big wrap-around sunglasses.

                                                                                                                - John B