I'm back. . . finally

It’s been a long, at times very dark, 5 month journey. Started in March with major dental work followed with open heart surgery May 22nd. Second week of July started passing a kidney stone. Through the next six weeks a total of six stones, one the size of an acorn, were removed with three laser lithotripsy operations. Last week was finally cleared by the urologist — I’m stone free at last! But even more significantly, last Friday I was discharged from the cardiac recovery program. Going to be on blood thinners for a bit, but normal activities can be resumed. Indeed, my stamina and strength are minimal; next week will begin an exercise regime to rebuild both.

I feel reinvigorated! Need to pace myself of course, and I will for sure. But it feels so great to be finished, up and about, and getting back to doing letterpress things. I’d be remiss not to acknowledge the many messages, cards, “likes”, thoughts and prayers from so many in the letterpress community. Your support has been truly humbling. More especially, I need to express my love and admiration to JoAnn. It was she who attended to my needs day and night through many hours of uncertainty and stress. “Well done.” my dear!

Upcoming “events” - Won’t be attending the Lancaster (PA) Printers Fair on Saturday, September 21st. A really great regional event, sorry to miss it. Instead JoAnn and I will take in the Museum of Printing’s Printers Fair in Haverhill, MA, September 21st. In October we’ll be set up at the International Museum of Printing in Carson, CA on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th.

And finally - Open Dates. Working on a schedule now; will post shortly here on the website, on Facebook and Letpress. Online sales will resume soon; working on a website update also. Stay tuned. JB