Med Update

Since last October we’ve been waiting to get some surgery done. A number of times a procedure has been scheduled only to be postponed shortly before it’s date. The latest was Tuesday (3/26) when an infection was detected at the last minute. This “on again - off again” pattern has reeked havoc with the Barrett’s home life, our commercial business and Letterpress Things. Open Dates have been juggled about for several months now in an effort to maintain some sense of consistency. More importantly, we’ve tried hard to continue responding to and processing internet and website orders in the usual two to three day turn. Have slipped a couple of times for which we apologize; through it all our thanks and appreciation to the letterpress community for your continued support. It’s really great serving you! We’ll continue to post updates here to let you know when the surgery is completed and the Open Date schedule going forward. For the moment our next Open Date is April 6th. Hope to see you! JB