The Lancaster Printer Fair


Saturday, September 15th one entire block of North Queen St. in downtown Lancaster was closed for the 2018 fair. The weather was perfect with attendance at the highest yet and 30+ vendors. A tip of the hat to the .918 Club/Heritage Press Museum members and volunteers for a first class event!


The Barrett’s set up three tables overflowing with supplies, type, tools, even a few cabinets and a tabletop press. It was nice to get reacquainted with friends who’ve visited the store and meet those with whom we’ve only emailed on occasion.

The fair also hosted two fellows who embody the spirit of the traveling printing craftsman of yesteryear. One being Dave Seat of Hot Metal Services, who travels the country servicing hot metal casters and presses. The other, Chris Fritton (known more commonly as the Itinerant Printer) who’s traveled around the country since 2015, visiting various letterpress venues and documenting his visits in a newly released book!


This years trip wasn’t without some serious stress before and after the fair. The day before we were due to load up the van and leave, the elevator broke down. Everything had to be hand carried down four flights of stairs!

(If you’ve been to the store, you know about those stairs.)


After packing up and leaving the fair, we in Lititz for a cold brew and some snacks. Upon returning, the van just wouldn’t start. Ultimately, a major repair was required and the van was subsequently towed to a local repair shop. So after a gas station breakfast, an Uber ride to the Lancaster Airport for a rental car and a long, tiring drive, we finally made it home.


It was a great event and we were glad to be there, but we could have done without the stress before and after!