A Major Clean Out Event


            In seventeen years, Letterpress Things has physically expanded to fill 4,000 square feet. The entire fourth floor of an old New England mill. And filled it is! Walk about the floor and you'll find counters, tables, racks, and shelves loaded with all sorts of letterpress items. Behind the scenes is another 4000+ squad feet crammed with more inventory. There's even a few pallets from earlier retrievals waiting to be processed.

            It's time to clean out; move stuff out of our space into yours. They'll be over a dozen large tables with merchandise spread out, and piled high; ready to be picked up and picked over. This includes inventory from the closely guarded "backroom" and the 3rd floor.

           So, what's included? Well, cabinets, table and some odd fixtures. Presses, a few being sold as is. Round cornerers, miters, slug cutters, and some old saws. There'll be plenty of type, about 100 fonts out for the first time, some in cases, others fonted. A bit of wood type, mostly orphans. You'll also find furniture, tools, boxes, cases, rusty composing sticks, and other assorted old letterpress implements.

            Come on by, either or both days. There's plenty to poke through and when a space opens up on a table, something else will take it's place. Bring a few boxes for all the letterpress things you didn't know you needed (or wanted) until you saw them!