Clean Out: Take 2


            Last Saturday was the first of two consecutive Saturdays for "cleaning-out" years of accumulated letterpress stuff. Revamping the floor began in mid-July and continued non-stop until late last week. The previous weeks weather was insufferably hot and humid everyday, quite uncharacteristic for this time in August. Being on the fourth floor of an old New England mill, conditions day to day became unbearable by mid-to-late afternoon. The spirit was willing, the body just couldn't tolerate it, at which point we'd retreat to home and the AC.

            Hence, when the doors opened last Saturday not all the inventory was out on the tables. Twenty plus people from New England and New York made the trek to Chicopee. One fellow even traveled in from Maryland! There was still a large selection of items to rummage through and good finds were found. Plus, everyone got to experience the ongoing hot, humid, and sweaty conditions firsthand. Our appreciation to all who came by for putting up with the steamy conditions and especially for your purchases.

            The "clean out" event continues this coming Saturday and two factors are certain. First every table will be full with lots of stuff, and second (which affects the first) the weather forecast calls for cooler, drier conditions through next Saturday. This means it'll be much more comfortable to work in the shop to get ready, and more pleasant for a visit. Hope you do come by, for sure there are things here you know you'll need/want when you see them!