New Type & July Vacation


            The last few weeks have been active for us, both in the store and on the website. During our June 2nd open date, several visitors took home some nice cabinets. There's still a good selection of cabinets and several recently received units will be up on the website soon. However, the biggest level of activity came from the website. Eighteen fonts of wood type were posted and within a couple of days, every font was scooped up and mailed all over the country. We wish we had more, but wood type isn't as easy to come by these days.

            In place of the wood type, we've added a number of new metal fonts from the Swoop in typefaces and point sizes that are a bit more unusual or challenging to find and come from older type foundries. We box these type fonts for two reasons; first it's expensive to pack/mail a case with distributed type and second, you eventually end up with an empty cabinet.

LT-348  32pt. Minret from Johnson Type Foundry

               In other news, the store will be open this Saturday, June 16th and again on June 30th. The days are getting warmer and so is the store which means it's time for the Barretts to slip away for vacation. The store, the website, and our commercial shop, will all be closed from July 1st to July 17th. While the next open date after vacation won't be until July 28th, website activity will resume July 18th. Have a safe and pleasant summer!

- The Barretts