18th Anniversary!


Here we are, the beginning of November and the year is fast winding down. Working in the store now requires a wool cap, jacket, and a pair of fingerless gloves. It wasn’t so long ago a sweat band and t-shirt were the necessary attire. How quickly the seasons change! The next open date is Saturday, November 17th, and the 18th Anniversary of the opening of Letterpress Things! No big celebration this year (well, maybe just a few cookies and pastries for our sweet tooth and friends!) We recently came back from the LA Printer’s Fair in Carson, CA. It was a really great two day event, despite the rain Saturday morning. (The song says it doesn’t rain in Southern California! Really?) All the unsold items, type and collectibles finally made their way back to the store and are now out on the tables again.


During August and September, several small shops were retrieved, but have sat untouched since. With the fair season over, processing has begun again. For the 17th, over 40 cases of type have been added to inventory, a dozen plus fonts of wood type and more than 100 plates will be on display.


Additionally, work has resumed also on preparing table-top pressed for sale.

Here I am working on a 6 x 10 Kelsey, a recent acquisition. Several others are waiting on rollers or accessories. When those are ready, you’ll see them on the machinery page.There’s also a few new cabinets available, including several Thompson press stands/cabinets.


It’s nice to be back working on the floor, getting “new” stuff out.

Be sure to stop by on the 17th, you never know what treasures you’ll find!