John's Collection


Over the decades of retrieving shops and presses, a collection of rare and unusual units has been gathered. The intent was, in our old age, to break them down, clean and restore, throw some ink on and experience the thrill of printing on a rare or older press. Well, I'm approaching "old age" for sure and it's time to be realistic. Much of my time in the past three decades has been spent retrieving and selling "letterpress things", something I'll continue to do, but time to clean and restore? Not really!  So periodically in the months to come, a unit will pop-up here on the website. They'll most likely be "as is, where is", but you'll know up front what's needed to get the press up and running. And they'll be reasonably priced. So the first unit I'm saying "good-bye" to is a Baltimore No. 14. See the Machinery page for pictures and more information about the press.